Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tips berguna untuk pengguna 4x4

Kat sini aku nak berkongsi tip-tip berguna yang aku dapat melaui satu pembacaan dari sebuah laman web. Maaf dalam bahasa Inggeris malas nak translate, aku copy terus jer.
Tips ni berguna untuk kereta yang berusia 4 tahun keatas atau telah melalui jarak perjalanan lebih 100,000 km.

Allow at least a month for you to test drive your car - testing and checking before the event / shipping.

Hydraulic Systems :

a) Front/Rear brakes systems 1. Check and replace all flexible hoses

2. Check and replace all brake pads

3. Check and replace all hydraulic piston seals !!!

4. *Flush and replace brake fluid.

5. Inspect brake booster vacuum hoses, connections and check or replace valve.

b). Clutch system 1. Replace clutch unit if necessary

2. Check and replace all flexible hoses

3. Check and replace master and slave cylinders

4. *Flush and replace clutch

5. Carry along a spare tin of brake/clutch fluid and spare hoses

c). Radiator Cooling System 1. *Change all rubber hoses & flush system

2. *Flush radiator system and add anti freeze coolant.

3. Replace radiator cap & thermostat

4. Check and replace fan viscous coupling

5. Check idler pulley bearing

6. Carry spare hoses and belts

d). Wheels 1. *Check / replace wheel bearing & repack with grease

2. Check / replace all wheel shaft oil seals

3. Check all shaft universal couplings and bolts

4. Replace all tyres (preferable use AT tyres)

Make sure your spare tyre is of same make and size.

5. Balance all tyres and check wheel alignment

e). Fuel System 1. Check fuel injectors/Calibrate fuel pump

2. *Replace fuel filter

3. *Replace and air filter and carry a spare one

5. MUST CARRY A JERRY CAN or an extra fuel tank.

6. Bring diesel cleaner / octane booster

f). Air Conditioning 1. Complete service replace air filter

2. *Replace idler bearing and carry a spare

3. Carry spare filter

g). Electrical 1. Check all wiring connections and carry spare fuses

2. *Replace alternator carbon bushes

3. Carry spare bulbs for flasher, indicator and brake lights

4. Check battery terminal and electrolyte conditions

h). Timing Belt It is essential to replaced the timing belt (refer to the Owner’s Manual).

i). Chassis 1. Check under carriage and tighten all bolts and nuts

2. Tighten body mountings and exhaust brackets

3. Lubricate propeller shaft and kingpin nipples.

j). Tyres 1. Check list ……….. make

2. Check list ……….. Model AT tyres recommended

3. Quantity minimum 5 of the same make and size

4. Wheel rim of the same make and size

5. Year of manufacture NOT MORE THAN 4 years old

6. Pressure set to manufacture specification

7. Tread must of 80% new

Pay particular attention to you transmission / differential and wheel bearings.

Spare parts to bring 1. Engine oil & oil filter

2. Fuel filter and check any fuel leakage

3. Brake fluid & steering fluid

4. Replace air filter and carry 2 spare units

5. Replace radiator coolant & anti freeze

6. Spare wiper plates

Bring a spare set of your car keys.

Please carry the items that you have changed as spares during the event.

Supplementary tool kit (in addition to that which comes with your car) : adjusting spanner, flat nose pliers, hammer, medium size flat head & Philip screw drivers, short length of wire, nylon strings, masking /pvc tape, double sided tape. One / two tins of radiator seal. Octane booster (for petrol engine), first aid kit.

While every effort will be made to help participants who may have mechanical problems, the whole convoy/expedition will continue with the journey while the affected vehicle can rejoin the convoy/expedition later when it is able to. However, the organizers shall take reasonable cause of action to arrange for assistance at the nearest workshop for repairs and services of that particular vehicle at the owner’s own cost.

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